First Parish Church United Outreach Auction

First Parish Church United Outreach Auction

April 29,2017 Held at First Parish Church United

48 Main St. Westford, MA 01886

The FPCU Outreach Auction on April 29, 2017 will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell and the building of two homes in Westford starting Summer 2017.

Name: ________________________

Business (if needed)_______________

Address: __________________________________________

Phone: _________________ Email: ____________________

Donate Item to Auction

To donate an auction item, sponsor a basket or service; give a gift card – fill out the form below:

  1. Item/Basket:_______________________________________________________________




Approx. $ value:  _________________

Donate a service: ________________________________________________________________

Describe: ______________________________________________________________________

Approx. $value: ___________    Do you need a certificate?   ______________

Please use back of sheet for additional fill in.

Interested in having children donate an item/service for the Sunday Children’s Auction – Sunday, April 30, during Fellowship.   

Children will use tickets to bid on items.  ($5 for 6 tickets) 

Item can be a new or  in good condition    Toy, books, service, etc.

Yes or No      Item: _________________________

TAX ID # 13-1957221

Thank you very much for your support of the FPCU Outreach Auction

For questions call Patti Mason at 978 692-8958 or Email: or send form to First Parish Church United of Westford  – Outreach Auction,  48 Main St. Westford, MA 01886