Annual Meeting 2020


FPCU Annual Meeting 2020 – this document was sent out earlier.

Additional reports:

auditors report – both pages (only one was in the Annual Document Booklet)

Annual Meeting Minutes 2019-05-19 V3

Annual Meeting Guidance

FPCU’s Annual Meeting on June 14th will be held virtually this year (2020) as a result of the precautions and recommended guidelines during the current Covid19 pandemic. Similar to our Sunday virtual worship services, we will be using the Zoom platform to host this meeting. The goal is to provide an environment that is -as close to- an in person meeting as possible while still allowing us to interact, inform, question, and decide.

The Prudential Committee has been working with me (your Moderator), our Clerk (Lesley M.), Rev. Kathleen and our Admin Kathleen W. over the past weeks to prepare the format and processes for this virtual meeting. Understanding that we are not in ordinary times and this virtual format is new to many, I have put together the following guidelines to help us all effectively participate. Additionally, we have prepared some Zoom practice sessions for those of us who would like to familiarize themselves with Zoom functions prior to Sunday’s Meeting.

Zoom Practice Sessions (links and registration were sent out in weekly email – please email Kathleen Wooten at [email protected] if you would like to register and need a link.)

June 13, Saturday at 10:00 AM
June 13, Saturday at 7:00 PM

Annual Meeting Guidelines

1. Roberts Rules of Order: Our virtual meeting will still adhere to the guidance of the deliberative assembly. The order of business, motions, seconds, requesting the floor, one speaker at a time, and majority votes all still apply.

2. Moderator: The meeting will be led by the moderator working through the agenda, calling for motions, votes, recognizing members wishing to address the assembly, etc.

3. Motions-Movers and Seconds: We have pre-identified people for moving motions and providing seconds for the standard warrant agenda items known in advance. This is in effort to efficiently proceed through the regular business agenda. Members can still propose motions (i.e. new business). see items on muting microphone and requesting the floor below.

4. Voting: The Zoom Polling feature will be used to conduct voting on motions as well as for the elections for committee members and church officers.

5. Requesting the Floor: The zoom Hand Raising feature will be used to request the floor. Members wishing to address the assembly, for example during discussion of the current motion, for the introduction of new motion, or any other appropriate business, should do so via the virtual hand raise tool.

6. Microphone Muted: All members should keep microphones muted at all times unless recognized by the moderator and addressing the assembly. Just like an in-person meeting, there should only be one speaker at a time.

7. Zoom Chat: The Zoom Chat feature will be enabled for text messaging. It is requested that the chat be used only to address our admin team if there is a technical issue with the meeting. Regular discussion, commentary, or questions pertaining to the agenda, order of business, etc. should be done by Requesting the Floor.

8. Screen Sharing: Meeting admins only will have screen sharing privileges. Committees wishing to display or present information at the meeting should coordinate with the Moderator, Office Admin, or PruCom in advance of the Annual Meeting.

9. Video/Audio and Identity: Please consider joining the meeting with your Video/Camera enabled, Audio/Microphone enabled, and Name displayed in your Zoom window. This will greatly enhance our attempt to provide the “in-person” experience and will also help us identifying members in attendance and verifying a quorum of attendees.

10. Privacy: In an effort to try and address online privacy concerns, the Annual Meeting Zoom invitation has only been sent to members of the congregation and is not posted publicly or published on the Parish website.

We hope this guidance will help us all effectively participate in the Annual Meeting process. Fully expecting a few glitches, please be patient as we work through this process. I encourage all able to attend one of the practice sessions that are being offered prior to the meeting. For anyone with potential accessibility issues or in need of additional technical assistance, please look at this week’s Parish Post for information on tech support.

Respectfully Submitted,

Matthew H. Ryan