How to be a Better Ally Workshop

During the month of April 2021, Action for Social Justice held three workshops that asked: how we can be better allies to people of color as individuals and as a congregation?  Some of the questions we addressed were “How can we better align the values of First Parish Church United with the day to day life and running of our church?” and “How does/should allyship impact our religious education program, budget, investments and building use?”  Twenty-five people attended the workshop.

Our Facilitator:
Rev. Anna Golladay

Rev. Anna Golladay is the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at Convergence. Anna has served as associate pastor in the United Methodist Church. Her ministry is under girded by social justice and the inequity that exists both in and outside the church’s walls. She is diligent in her advocacy for full inclusion for all persons in the United Methodist church. She is an entrepreneur, running a small online-based apparel shop called Bias & Bourbon and social enterprise, Work of Place. She is co-host of the Activist Theology podcast. She spends free time as an avid football and hockey fan and life-partner to Mike Krigbaum, a small-animal veterinarian.