The Strawberry ‘n’ Arts Festival has been a mainstay of Westford life since 1976. It is a celebration of community, with industrious behind-the-scenes work to make it happen, and neighbors taking time to peruse local art and craft offerings, to partake of strawberry shortcake and entertainment, and to greet each other.

This year, to continue that tradition, we pivot and adjust. Selected art and craft vendors will be hosted in a virtual event that will last a week from June 17th to June 24th.  Strawberry shortcake will be prepared with love and care as always—and adhering to COVID-safe guidelines. You will soon be able to pre-order your shortcake on this page, and, on Saturday, June 19th, you will be receive** freshly baked shortcake, strawberry mash to pour on top, and sweet whipped cream. Order enough for the whole family, don’t forget your neighbors!

**For an additional fee, shortcake can be delivered to Westford addresses. Otherwise, shortcake will be picked up at First Parish Church United, 48 Main Street, Westford.


A celebration of community, neighbors greeting neighbors.

The Festival reflects the organizing effort, work and creative talent of many people, both young and not so young, from our community. It is a day for us to come together.


Fabulous food, creative crafts, and energizing entertainment!

Whether you come to find that special craft, to feast on the delicious strawberry shortcake, or to kick back and enjoy the musical entertainment, The Strawberries & Art Festival welcomes you to start your summer with us.


A Westford event for 30 years.

The Strawberries & Art Festival is located on the Westford Common, part of a National Historic District. With stately shade trees, and bounded by historic homes and buildings dating from the 1700s, the Common location lends the Festival its timeless feel.

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