• How do I set up an appointment to see the Fellowship Hall?
    Please contact the church office at 978.692.8350 or office@firstparishwestford.org.
  • Is the hall available on a specific date?
    Please contact the church office at 978.692.8350 or office@firstparishwestford.org to check on specific dates.
  • How do I reserve a date?
    After confirming your date is available with the church office, you reserve your date by completing the appropriate forms and giving a $100 non-refundable deposit.
  • Is there a security deposit required and how much?
    Yes. Our security deposit is $250 and is refundable after your event, minus the cost of repairing any damages or charges for additional hours used, if applicable. Please note that your check will be cashed, and a new check cut to return your deposit.
  • What is the capacity of Fellowship Hall?
    Fellowship Hall accommodates 200 people
  • Is there a kitchen available for our use?
    Yes.  We have a full-size professional kitchen equipped with dual gas ovens, gas cook tops, warming oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer space, spacious countertops, and sinks. Also available for your use are our coffee pots (must supply own coffee).
  • Do you have to use a specific caterer or can we bring in our own?
    You can bring in your own caterer. All caterers must registrar with the town of Westford’s Board of health at least seven (7) days before the catered event. Registration forms can be found on their website. Certificates of insurance covering Worker’s Compensation and Public Liability must be procured from any catering firm employed by the applicant and placed on file with the church office at least two weeks before the function.
  • Do you rent tables and chairs?
    There is no extra charge for the use of tables and chairs. We have 14 round tables (5 feet diameter – seats up to 8); 12 rectangular tables (8 ft x 2.5 ft – seats up to 10); 100 stacking chairs with cushions; 97 metal folding chairs; 8 high chairs.
  • May we bring in different tables/chairs from a rental company?
    Yes.       You must make arrangements for delivery and pickup with the church office and someone needs to be responsible for receiving any such delivery.
  • Do you supply tablecloths, dishes, silverware, stemware, etc.?
    No. You or your caterer is responsible for such items.
  • May we serve alcohol?
    • Alcoholic beverages, limited to beer and wine (including champagne) may be served only by applying in advance through the church office.
    • A cash bar is permitted. Beer and wine must be served by the glass and no cans or bottles shall be placed on the tables.
    • If you are selling alcohol, you must apply for a one-day liquor license from the Town of Westford (apply at Town Clerk’s office); a copy of the license must be given to the church office one month in advance.
    • No alcohol may be brought out of the building.
  • May we set up prior to the start of my event?
    Yes, for a fee. You should plan on at least an hour to set up and an hour to clean up; these two hours are payable hours.
  • Is there internet access?
    Not at this time.
  • Do you rent sound equipment, projectors, TV’s, DVD players, etc.?
  • May we use candles during our event?
    Candles are not permitted, except with written permission from the Building Coordinator or the church administrator.
  • What is a sexton?
    This is the person who will be your contact the day of your event. The sexton will meet you 15 minutes prior to your event and give you an overview of the building and where to locate items such as heat, A/C, vacuum, broom, etc. The sexton will return at the end of your event to lock the building.
  • Do you discount your fees to Westford residents?
    No.       Our fees are compatible with other venues in the area.
  • What happens if I have to cancel my event?
    • If the event is cancelled twelve (12) or more hours prior to its anticipated start, the church reserves the right to retain the non-refundable deposit.
    • If cancellation is less than twelve hours prior to the event, the church reserves the right to retain one-half of the basic rental fee.
    • If an event must be postponed due to severe weather conditions or another emergency situation, every effort will be made to reschedule.
  • Is there a custodian?
    If you are interested in custodian services for table and chair set-up and breakdown, with limited clean up, please contact the church office at 978.692.8350 or office@firstparishwestford.org.