Getting RE Ready for the Fall…

We’re looking for committee members & volunteer teachers!!

The ‘Back-to-School’ season is approaching and that means we’ll be Back-to-RE in no time!  To prepare for the year ahead, the RE committee will be meeting Wednesday August 9th.  For anyone interested in joining the RE committee please join us at 7pm, downstairs in the open RE room.  Also, in order to prepare parents and volunteers, I will also be holding “teacher trainings” on:


Wednesday 8/16 7pm

Wednesday 8/30 7pm


Each training will run for ~1 hour and will cover the basic structure of RE class as well as info on the PS/PK curriculum Chalice Children & the K-2nd curriculum on Bible stories.


*In an effort to make ‘teaching Bible stories’ comfortable and easy for all, the K-2nd curriculum will now offer 2 lesson choices for each story- one from the Gather ‘Round curriculum & the other from the new UU curriculum Picture Book Bible Tales.  Please join us on one of these nights to learn more!!


Please Note: 3rd grade and 4th/5th grade curriculum will only be discussed if parents are interested in hearing about it, but “training” is not necessary, as we have a consistent teacher for each class & volunteers will just be needed for support!


Looking forward to another great year,


Nicki Tracey, DRE

The 42nd Strawberries ‘N Arts Festival

The Strawberries ‘N Arts Festival 
Saturday, June 17th from 10:00am-4:00pm.

We still have lots of volunteer spaces to fill to help make this day a success!
See the listing below and then sign up at coffee hour, or visit to sign up online! If you need to check your schedule or have questions, please talk to Jess Anderson (978-846-4512) or Andy DeTolla (617-803-5843) after service, or contact us at Volunteer opportunities require only 1-3 hours of your time.  We’ll find a fit for you!  Don’t miss out on this wonderful event! 

Our major needs right now include:

  •          7:30-9:00am Strawberries and shortcake pickup (van or truck needed)
  •          10:30-11:30am Vendor Food Delivery (1 organized person to facilitate, 2 helpers)
  •          12-1pm Shortcake Vendor Delivery (1 organized person to facilitate, 2 helpers)

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  •          7am-10am Coffee and Donuts/T-shirt sales (x2)
  •          8am-10pm Set up crew (working with Boy Scouts)
  •          9:30-11am Strawberry Hullers (Many)
  •          9-1, 1-3:30 Grill cooks (x2 AM, x2 PM)
  •          9:30-12:30, 12:30-3:30 Bake table sellers (x1 for AM, 1 for PM)
  •          10am-12:30pm Trash Pick Up (x1)
  •          11:30-2:30 Raffle Table Sellers (x1)
  •          12-3pm Trash Pick-Up (x2)
  •          12-3pm, or 2-3:30pm Shortcake servers and cashiers (x5 for 1st shift, x3 for 2nd shift)
  •          12-3pm Lemonade servers (x2)
  •          12:15-2:15pm or 2-4pm Shortcake runners (x4 for each shift)
  •          2:30-4pm Raffle Table Sellers (x1)
  •          3-5pm Clean up Crew (working with Boy Scouts, x4)

Can’t be there on the 17th?  Can you help out in the days before the festival?

  •          Folks to hang flyers around town and beyond
  •          Set up and bucket washing Friday night 6/16 (6pm-8pm)
  •          Someone to help Earle with Staking Friday Night and/or Saturday early morning (6am)
  •          3 Gas Grills (with full tanks, please, Vince and jess did the other 3, Vince did 2)
  •          Baked Goods Donations
  •          Kitchen aid mixers (2 more needed)

Think warm & sunny for Saturday, June 17th!



During the summer, church attendance wanes with the arrival of the beautiful weather, vacations, and being on that wonderful, slower summer schedule. Consequently, our Food Pantry donations dwindle, meaning less food and supplies to stock the shelves at the Westford & Lowell Food Pantries. 

This June, before you go away, why not drop off your Food Pantry donations for the entire summer? 

If we all make a note to ourselves to bring 12 items to church in the month of June, it will really make a big difference for the Open Pantry shelves in Westford & Lowell. They are always in need of non-perishables which could be considered a nutritious part of a meal, including, but not limited to:

Canned vegetables, canned fruits, fruit juices, canned beef, turkey or chicken, canned soups and stews, tuna, pasta, cereals, powdered milk, macaroni & cheese, rice, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, and beans.

Thank you, and have a safe and wonderful summer!

Leah Grenier

Outreach Food Pantry Coordinator

A big thank you to the team of volunteers who deliver our donations to the Open Pantries in Westford & Lowell throughout the year: Barb Anderson, Wendy Brown, Stephanie Devlin, Muriel Drake, Andrea Flaherty, Leah Grenier, Chris Kandianis, Leigh Kellee, Tom & Carolyn Lumenello, Janice Maienza, Linda Marple, Ellen Martins, Patti Mason, Desree Polevy, Chris Robinson, Bob Shaw, and Steve Smith. 

Flyer for FPCU Outreach Cabaret and Auction for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell

First Parish Church Westford 2017 Auction Habitat Flyer

Westford wide VBS looking for teaching volunteers

The Westford-wide VBS is looking for volunteers to help teach VBS camp from July 10-14 from 9am-12pm.

Below is the link to sign up to be a teaching volunteer:

St. Catherine’s Ecumenical Vacation Bible School




Upcoming Save the Date – May 25th art show

You are invited to an Evening of Art and Story

Featuring original art work and power point presentation



with Rev. Dr. Dirkje F Legerstee

Thursday, May 25, 2017


art viewing at 6:00pm

program at 7:00pm


The Fletcher Library

50 Main Street Westford, MA 01886

You are invited to an Evening of Art and Story
Featuring original art work and power point presentation
with Rev. Dr. Dirkje F Legerstee
Thursday, May 25, 2017

art viewing at 6:00pm
program at 7:00pm

The Fletcher Library
50 Main Street Westford, MA 01886

First Parish Church United Outreach Auction

First Parish Church United Outreach Auction

April 29,2017 Held at First Parish Church United

48 Main St. Westford, MA 01886

The FPCU Outreach Auction on April 29, 2017 will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell and the building of two homes in Westford starting Summer 2017.

Name: ________________________

Business (if needed)_______________

Address: __________________________________________

Phone: _________________ Email: ____________________

Donate Item to Auction

To donate an auction item, sponsor a basket or service; give a gift card – fill out the form below:

  1. Item/Basket:_______________________________________________________________




Approx. $ value:  _________________

Donate a service: ________________________________________________________________

Describe: ______________________________________________________________________

Approx. $value: ___________    Do you need a certificate?   ______________

Please use back of sheet for additional fill in.

Interested in having children donate an item/service for the Sunday Children’s Auction – Sunday, April 30, during Fellowship.   

Children will use tickets to bid on items.  ($5 for 6 tickets) 

Item can be a new or  in good condition    Toy, books, service, etc.

Yes or No      Item: _________________________

TAX ID # 13-1957221

Thank you very much for your support of the FPCU Outreach Auction

For questions call Patti Mason at 978 692-8958 or Email: or send form to First Parish Church United of Westford  – Outreach Auction,  48 Main St. Westford, MA 01886

 Family Fun Fellowship Event May 5th Save the Date

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Find out by coming to our 2nd Annual Pizza/Trivia Night Challenge at our Fellowship Hall on May 5 at 6:30 p.m.  There will be easy as well as challenging questions given to each team that will cover the areas of sports, literature, current events, Disney princesses, church history, entertainment, movies/video games, music etc. Our high school youth group, with the help of their advisor Karin Drowne, have created a variety of fun questions that children as well as adults, will enjoy answering as a team. Please come for the pizza, come for the challenge, just come for the fun of it ! All ages are welcome in this intergenerational challenge. Please contact Chris Robinson at, or sign up at coffee hour, so we have enough food for everyone-BYOB- finger food desserts would be appreciated. Teams will be formed that night, or you can bring your own “team”- a variety of ages/interests will help with this challenge. Bring a friend or two!