Birdseed Sale 2020

The 2020 Birdseed Stock will be available October 16th. Order now for Early Delivery.

It is fall again, and the birds will be seeking food for migration and winter.  If you are one of the back yard birdfeeders who gets going October or feeds all year long, please note that the FPCU Birdseed Team will have stock and be ready to deliver on October 16th.   We will be taking orders and making deliveries straight through December.

Special COVID-19 precautions are being implemented this year to keep everyone safe.  They are as follows:

  1. Deliveries will be made by private cars and the delivery team will be outfitted with gloves and facemasks.
  2. Birdseed bags will be wiped down with dis-infecting wipes before delivery.
  3. Delivery people will be working alone and usually will not be seeing customers, but regardless, social distancing will be observed. Delivery people will not be entering homes.
  4. Pre-orders with payment and home delivery will be the norm; it is unlikely that a big event will be available this year.

Prices are up for certain products due to tough growing conditions and disruptions in the supply chain, so apologies for that.  Your support is appreciated, and the birds will be very thankful. The 2020 birdseed order form is attached HERE.  Click and print and you will have what you need.  Fill out the order form and send it along with a check to the church office.  Be sure to enter any special instructions for delivery.

Questions may be sent to